What is Paragraph

What is a Paragraph? The subject of grammar is broad, more if aspects of it are unknown as what is the paragraph. Do you know what the latter mentioned? Do not? Well, there’s no need to worry, because now you can expand your knowledge about it.

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Here and now, you will find all you need to know about the paragraph in summary. What are you waiting for? Take a look at this information waiting for you!

Aspects of Interest Related to the Paragraph

Basically, the paragraph is a compact unit of text that contains a specific idea about a particular topic. It usually consists of a set of sentences that are related to each other. All for the main theme that this paragraph touches!

Usually, a paragraph has to meet certain requirements that make it worthy of that title. In the first instance, the beginning of the paragraph must be indicated correctly, which can be done in many different ways. The most recurrent is the use of indentation or a blank line before the paragraph.

After the beginning of the paragraph, a coherent structure must be maintained in it. This is an indispensable requirement of the paragraph! Therefore, the text in question and all the set of paragraphs you may have must have textuality. What is this? Simple, it is all that set of characteristics that a text must gather to be considered such.

With the aforementioned, it can be concluded that all the paragraphs must comply with a particular structure. True? Well, this structure can be subdivided into two different types:

  • The deep structure, which usually refers to the semantics and the coherence of the writing.
  • The surface structure, which refers to the way of presenting the paragraph.

In relation to the deep structure, it can be said that it consists of a particular order. This same one includes the text’s central idea and some secondary propositions that complement the main idea.

On the other hand, the superficial structure is of a grammatical nature and is constituted by a directive sentence and several sub-thematic sentences. All this has to coexist in harmony in one paragraph!

Types of Sentences that a Paragraph Has

As a paragraph is nothing other than a set of sentences together, it is logical to assume that they differ from each other. This being so, one can then mention the types of sentences a paragraph has :

  1. The main sentences, responsible for conveying the main idea of the entire paragraph. All other prayers depend on this prayer!
  2. The secondary sentences, capable of complementing the enclosed main idea in prayer. These, in turn, can be of two types:
  3. The prayers of coordination, which are bonded together with conjunctions.
  4. The sentences of subordination, which only get a sense if read with another.

Types of Paragraphs

Now, there are different types of paragraphs that you should know and differentiate between them. Their names speak for themselves, so only the same ones will be listed:

  • Narrative paragraphs.
  • Descriptive paragraphs.
  • Argumentative paragraphs.
  • Expositional paragraphs.
  • Relative paragraphs.
  • Comparative paragraphs.

All these are the types of paragraphs that exist! This only denotes how nourished the grammar is. Do not you think?


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