The vibrating platform is a very useful fitness device if you want to lose weight, build muscle, or tone your body without putting in too much effort. If efficiency represents its main advantage, its operation is nevertheless simple. It produces vibrations throughout your body to relax all the muscle groups.

However, it is essential to choose the right platform according to your goal. The “Vibro Shaper” is the most famous model, but many other devices are just as effective, if not more. Here is the complete guide to choosing the best vibration machine for weight loss for complete and effective fitness sessions.

What is a vibrating platform?

A vibrating platform is a fitness device designed for strength training, body toning, weight loss, and relaxation. Placed under the platform, its motor makes it vibrate to burn calories efficiently.

Combined with a healthy and balanced diet, a training of 15 to 20 minutes, three times a week, gives a fast and better result than a simple classic intensive training.

What are the effects of vibrations and oscillations?

The vibratory movement on a horizontal axis affects breaking the structure formed by the fatty masses. It also promotes drainage and smoothing the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Regarding the oscillations, the plate’s central axis movement is similar to that of a balance. This allows working, especially the abdominals and the muscles of the lower limbs.

The two types of platforms: vibrating and oscillating

The vibrating platform

There are two types of platforms. The first is a vibrating platform made up of a plate which will generate on a vertical axis and repetitively a movement from bottom to top, then in the opposite direction. Regardless of the position on the set, the movement is uniform.

During your training session, all the muscles in your body are therefore solicited simultaneously. Thus, it makes them work to gain mass and at the same time promotes blood circulation. Afterward, you feel relaxed and light. In other words, you release stress and fatigue while training.

The oscillating platform

The oscillating platform comprises a plate that moves differently from that of the vibrating platform. The plate oscillates on either side of the central axis. More precious, when the left side is at the bottom, then the right side is at the top and vice versa. As a result, the solicitations of the muscles of your legs are alternated. This technique is ideal for losing extra pounds, eliminating fat, toning muscles, or even erasing cellulite. This device, therefore, allows you to improve above all the aesthetic appearance of your body.

How? ‘Or’ What to choose a vibrating platform? The essential criteria

To choose the right vibrating platform, it is essential to consider different criteria that you will find below.

The frequency of vibrations

The frequency of vibrations defines the correct use of your device. This is the number of cycles performed by the vibrating platform in one second.

The amplitude of the vibrations

The amplitude of the vibrations is measured by the distance between the platter’s lowest and highest positions. The larger it is, the higher the labor intensity.

The dimensions of the board and the stability

The larger the plate’s surface, the more your vibrating platform can perform a wide variety of exercises with a better amplitude. Also, the heavier your device, the more stability it offers.

Engine power

Engine power is essential to assess the quality and robustness of the device and its lifespan. The more powerful it is, the more your vibrating platform can withstand intensive use.

Structure and comfort

The structure of a vibrating platform can be made of metal, plastic, or composite materials. The choice of material and ergonomics influence the resistance, stability, transmission of vibrations, comfort, and cost of your device.

The maximum weight supported

The maximum weight supported must be in adequacy with the user’s weight. This parameter affects the stability and lifespan of your vibrating platform.

The presence of a training console

The training console is essential for viewing essential data during training sessions. The high-end models even feature a virtual coach and a 3D virtual mannequin to visualize the right positions.

Accessories and options

The more accessories and options your vibrating platform has, the easier and more comfortable it is to use. Some of the most useful are the remote, straps, groundsheet, guides, Bluetooth connectivity, and DVD holder.


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