We associate the phrase “crossbow shooting” with the times of William Tell, marksmen, and noble knights. The bow and crossbow are the oldest weapons invented by humanity for hunting and protecting their homes and territories from enemies. Nowadays, the popularity of bows and crossbows has acquired the character of an epidemic – not only men but also the beautiful half of humanity are carried away by this sport and hunting. Emancipated ladies consider it their duty to prove to men that they are in no way inferior to them.

In addition to self-expression, shooting from a throwing weapon makes it possible to expand the circle of communication and get acquainted with our distant ancestors’ historical customs. Archery and crossbow shooting has many rules – sports and hunting. Classic shooting is done from simple bows and crossbows that do not have optical or laser sights, so shooters must have theoretical knowledge, shooting skills, and shooting techniques. Among the various shooting methods, types of competitions, hunting, and entertainment, an equally exciting type has recently appeared – archery and crossbow shooting at 3D targets.

What is 3D archery?

3D (three-dimensional) archery differs from shooting at standard targets in that the shooters shoot at realistic volumetric targets, that is, life-size copies of animals and birds. 3D hunting is carried out in nature (in the forest, on the banks of a river, etc.) in territory unfamiliar to the shooters. Targets are placed randomly at an unknown distance, and archers get an excellent opportunity to compete with other hunters and show their skills and practice in conditions that are as close to natural hunting as possible.

If you are interested in this question, you certainly know that most archers are amateur or professional hunters who need training not to lose skills and gain new knowledge. That is why – 3D shooting for them is no less important and exciting than the hunt itself since the hunter can hone his skills and learn how to hit the beast without causing him pain and suffering.

3D archery has a lot of advantages – an indescribable sporting spirit and competitive excitement! Athletes and hunters from different cities and even distant regions gather to compete in bow skills, resourcefulness, hunting ingenuity, tactics, mental endurance, and physical endurance. For many participants, 3D target shooting has become not a shared hobby or a means of gaining skills and knowledge with opponents, but a way of life – a long-awaited exciting, and unforgettable adventure. Hunters on the best 3d archery targets get a unique opportunity to communicate with people who are close in spirit, to rally into a single community, which, when the time comes, will undoubtedly benefit the Fatherland.

In recent years, many 3D target shooting tournaments have been organized on the Russian Federation’s territory. We have reliable data that the Russian Association for 3D Archery and Crossbow Shooting will be created. Russia has countless unique natural zones and territories, which are the best suited for any 3D hunting.

Classes and rules for holding 3D archery tournaments

As mentioned above, shooting at 3D targets is a type of competition in which archers shoot at three-dimensional figures of animals made of elastic silicone foam that look like real ones, life-size. Competitions are held in the natural habitat of “animals” on their territory, landscapes, and distances unknown to hunters. The imitation target does not crumble when hit by an arrow, the holes from the arrows are “tightened,” and 3D targets serve the tournaments’ organizers for a long time.

Archery competitions on 3D targets, not spontaneous gatherings, but perfectly organized events with their own rules, orders, duties, and restrictions. The success of the event depends on compliance with the established rules and the safety of fans and all participants in the tournament.

Before taking part in the competition, decide in which class of 3D shooting you intend to compete and carefully read the rules in force at the tournament. If the archery competitions are held, the athletes are divided into two groups: “Hunter” and “Open.”

Hunter class

For those participating in the “Hunter” group, 3D targets are set at a distance of 35-40 meters. In this group, athletes are allowed to use only sights that are adjusted using tools, and the number of flies is usually limited to 4 pieces.

Also, members of the “Hunter” group are prohibited from installing stabilizers longer than 30 cm on their bows, and they are allowed to shoot only arrows with plumage of 10 cm or more and use only screw-on training tips.

Open class

For athletes participating in the “Open” group, 3D targets are set at a distance of plus or minus 50 meters. Also, they are allowed to use any equipment they have that matches the tension of the bowstring and the arrow’s weight. In some cases, restrictions on the arrow’s flight speed may be introduced; the tail length may be shorter than in the “Hunter” class. The most experienced hunters and sportsmen take part in the competitions in the “Open” class.

Archery Equipment for 3D Targets

For the Hunter class, it is better to choose a medium-speed longbow, as you will have to shoot at 3D targets located 40 m or less. An ideal bow would be from 94 to 100 cm long, with a base of at least 19 cm and 85 m / s – the arrow’s flight speed. The accuracy and accuracy of an arrow’s flight with a thick rod at such small distances are almost not affected by the wind. The same cannot be said about small diameter arrows used in the “Open” group by experienced hunters.

For the 3D archery competition in the “Open” group, a high arrow speed is required since the 3D targets are located more than 40 meters. Every experienced hunter knows that after 40 meters, the flight speed, for whatever reason, begins to fall, so the archer needs a more powerful bow. With crossbows, the situation is different – the arrow flies far and at high speed, which in some severe models rises, having covered two-thirds of the way. If the rules of the 3D tournament allow experienced hunters, shoot from powerful recurve bows with an arrow flight speed of 88 to 97 m / s, with extended stabilizers that ensure good balance.

On 3D targets depicting an animal, a “heart” is usually marked with a cross (X), which experienced hunters tend to hit. A good pair of binoculars will help even a sophisticated hunter to get the maximum number of points. Take the time to get a good look at your 3D target before lowering the string. At first glance, the target may seem simple, but the competition organizers will certainly arrange some tricks.

Benefits of 3D technology in archery

Every hunter needs to hone skills and ability to shoot at any targets, to estimate the distance – in this regard correctly, 3D technologies are irreplaceable. Thanks to 3D targets, you will learn to shoot with confidence and accuracy at a target regardless of distance, angle, lighting, and weather conditions. With the help of 3D targets of different sizes and configurations, you will learn to shoot at any distance and will never be left without prey!.


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