The Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 RTH compound bow is a smooth drawing, well-balanced bow that will fit any archer’s needs. The compound bow uses a system of pulleys, cables, and wheels to send its energy to the arrow more efficiently than a recurve bow does.


Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 RTH Compound Bow Package


The cam and the module of this CNC machined bow are made of 6061 T6 aluminum. The best compound bow string comprises high-quality BCY-X. This product is imported from the BCY USA.

Package Details:

The Dragon X8 Pro comes with multiple accessories included. This Compound Bow Package includes-

  • 12 pcs arrows
  • A release
  • An arrow rest
  • A 5-pin sight
  • A quiver
  • A compound bow case
  • A stabilizer
  • A wrist sling
  • An arrow puller
  • A peep sight
  • And a bow stand

Draw Length & Weight

This Dragon X8 compound bow has adjustable draw length and draws weight, which enables people of all ages and skill levels to use the same model. At a range of 18-31″ draw length, you can adjust the draw weight from 0 lbs up to 70 lbs.

String Length

This compound bow’s overall string length is 58.13 inches, while the cable length is 32.23 inches.

IBO Speed

The compound bow can shoot an arrow at speeds of over 310 feet per second, compared to around 200 feet per second for a Recurve bow. That makes it roughly 3x faster than its counterpart.


In a compound bow, cams and cables maintain energy and decrease holding weight at full draw. The decrease in weights is referred to as let-off. This compound bow has 70% let-off, which means the draw weight can be relaxed by 70%. So, the bow is easy to draw and delivers a very high kinetic energy.

Axle to Axle and Brace Height

This compound bow is designed with a brace height of 6.6 inches and a 30-inch axle-to-axle measurement, allowing it to be easily handled by most archers.

Hand Operation

The Sanlida compound bow is designed for right-handed archers, and you can use it as either a hunting or target bow.


This compound bow is black, which makes it ideal for the avid bow hunter.


For the first 30 days after purchase, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on its essential components.


We guarantee the lowest price. But the price of this compound bow can go up, not down. Also, we won’t offer you any discounts since we can’t beat the price we already offered you.

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