Murme App: How many mobile applications to socialize and flirt come to mind in a single instant? Surely a few, but perhaps the most challenging question is how they differ. The truth is that in a market that is beginning to be saturated and that depends on so much the number of active users, what one of these apps needs is to differentiate itself.

Murme App

Most apps have photos at their center, seeing the physical appearance of that person on the other side, and that’s where Murme, a new social app to make friends, has wanted to differentiate. Their goal will remain the same as many other apps, make friends and whatever may come up, but instead, they entrust everything to voice, without photos or data that can help see that person on the other side ahead of time.

Murme is an app to meet people or find a different partner. The first thing to do in it is to record a presentation message. In just 10 seconds, we have to describe and count our tastes or interests, and from there, the game begins. The user can listen to other users’ messages (filtering by age, sex, and nationality) to get to know other users.

If one user likes another’s the message, he can send him a “murmur” with his declaration of interest, and if it is accepted, the app allows both to establish voice calls through the application. Murme also has an Onfire mode, in which the user will randomly contact another user with this mode enabled by voice call.

Avoiding crossing paths with Facebook friends

The creators of Murme have also wanted to avoid uncomfortable situations. The application is not only designed to flirt but to avoid crossing paths with friends. The connection to the application occurs through Facebook so that it rules out contacting two people who are related to each other on the social network.

We do not know how many may be interested in meeting people only by voice initially when all similar apps have them as the center of each user’s profile, but the truth is that at least Murme has looked for an original way to search for people. The application is now available for Android, while the development of a future version for iOS continues.

An ‘app’ to chat anonymously with people from all over the world

Murme allows you to meet and talk with like-minded people without giving any personal information.

“One day, I wanted to call an Argentine friend, and I called another person, a guy I didn’t know at all. He turned out to be Argentine too, and we spent 15 minutes having a pleasant conversation until I fell into my mistake,” recalls Rodrigo Menendez, publicist for 31 years old, the anecdote that inspired him to create Murme, one of the best anonymous chat apps with which to anonymously enjoy the simple pleasure of a conversation with Spanish-speaking people. “We wanted to break the dynamics of similar apps in which you have to give your identity and that are focused on the physical encounter,” he explains.

After a few tests with his partner Álvaro Hita, 32, in which they called random people asking them what their favorite movie was and why they came to a conclusion. “People liked to talk, even with strangers,” says Menéndez. With Murme, it is easy to start a conversation: just record a ten-second introduction message, enter some basic information (age, sex, and country of birth) and select our preferences in the same terms. The app will then suggest people who match our profile, and we can request to speak with them. If they accept the request, the conversation will be completely anonymous, without photos or personal data. “No, we are an app of dating like Tinder. We are an entertainment application through conversation, “says the founder.

Murme has two modes: the Classic, described above, and the Onfire, “a kind of Chatroulette where we immediately start talking with randomly selected people,” says Menendez, who works on his project at the Madrid Campus managed by Google and in the accelerator Seed Rocket, where they were selected two months ago. Murme, free so far, has registered about 21,000 downloads and is used by about 1,000 people a day, according to its data. The app is available on Android for Spain and eight Spanish-speaking countries (Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina). Its founders plan to include premium functionality (paid) from August of this year.

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