How to organize a silver wedding according to tradition?                

Time flies by being with your love every day. How quickly pass to it! Anniversaries run to ño after year! This great day arrives, and you have no new ideas, more than likely, as always, dining together in a restaurant. This time it’s your turn, having a tight budget.

But luckily, we have many ideas for your Romantic Silver Wedding with a low cost. 

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated according to tradition. It is a very special occasion for many couples who want to celebrate the union and the achievements they have achieved together since the day of marriage.

Each wedding anniversary year has a reference or element to which it is associated.

Wedding Anniversaries:

Wedding anniversaries are a perfect opportunity to commemorate your married years. Each year has a different meaning according to tradition. From the first year of marriage, you can celebrate the “Paper Weddings.” The denomination changes with the use of different symbolic elements.

For example:

  • Wooden Weddings: they  are 5 years of marriage 
  • Aluminum Weddings: 10 years  
  • Silver Jubilee: 25 years 
  • Golden Jubilee: 50 years 
  • Brilliant Weddings: they are 75 years of marriage 

Each couple decides how to celebrate each of these dates, but the truth is that the most celebrated are 25 and 50 years.

We are going to organize our Silver Wedding.

Silver weddings have their origin in medieval times in Germany, where once a couple who had been married for so long and had a wedding anniversary, the woman was given a silver crown.

This anniversary is considered one of the most important celebrations after marriage, not so much because of the size of the celebration but because of the importance of having achieved so many years together. That is why many couples strive to throw a 25th Wedding Anniversary that commemorates this important moment.


How to celebrate a silver wedding with a great celebration? 

The first question that arises:

  1.  The place: There are many couples who choose a catering to celebrate the Silver Wedding at home. There is no pre-established place to have the party. There are other married couples who prefer to celebrate in a salon or restaurant.
  2.  The guests: Define if it is a large and numerous party or is it celebrated in a more intimate environment with only children and friends. 
  3.  Music: Take time to think of songs and music that have meaning in the couple’s relationship. Let them be moments of sentimental value like the songs of the wedding day and favorite music.

If you have a nice and spacious space in your own house then this could be a great option, otherwise, you can rent a venue or event room.

Silver Wedding Gifts

The anniversary of the 25 years of marriage is symbolized with silver. Objects with silver are usually given away, such as portraits, pendants, and silver cutlery.

Place and ways to celebrate a Silver Wedding

There is no perfect place to hold and celebrate the Silver Wedding. There are nostalgic couples who want to remember the same place where they got married or where they went on their honeymoon.

There are many ways to celebrate it, for example:

  • Something very intimate 
  • Dinner in a restaurant
  • Throw a glamorous party
  • With a religious ceremony
  • Have a simple party
  • A trip
  • A celebration in style

The size of the room will depend on the number of guests, which is also another question that arises. How many people to invite? And to whom? Family and friends. It is a very personal decision of the couple.

How to celebrate a silver wedding with your children?

You can have a small celebration only with your children – if there are any – and your closest relatives, as well as you can have a big party attended by friends, co-workers and other close friends.

In case there are children, it is very important that they are at the celebration. They are, in a way, the most important achievement of the couple. Children play an important role in the party, whether giving a speech, a poem or simply being the company and pride of their parents on that special occasion.

Organize a silver wedding with marriage “renewal of vows.” 

There is a custom that is optional, and that is to renew vows and exchange rings. This renewal can be done in a religious ceremony or simply within the same party. Exchanging rings can also be a nice touch in which the couple swears eternal love again and gives each other silver or white gold rings.

25 years of marriage are not fulfilled every day, so make a celebration according to the importance of this great date. It is an event full of feelings and emotions. Many memories will come of all the moments lived, and this will make it very emotional.

Do not forget something very important: the photos! That day, everyone will be very well-groomed, elegant, and happy, so the party will be the perfect occasion to take photos and videos that will surely be kept as treasures by the honorees.

To know how to dress for a silver wedding, we recommend you see our Post about dress for guests.

Silver wedding organized with a schedule for the party

Prior to the celebration of the Silver Wedding, make a schedule and list of activities. Open the party with a few words, either from the host of the party or from one of the couple’s children or relatives. Then open the dance floor with the music of the melody that was on the wedding day, then invite everyone to enjoy a delicious dinner. Choosing the dress is very important for this day, the ideal is that it is according to the silver colors of the occasion.

Ideas to celebrate 25 years of marriage

It’s nice to do something special in commemoration of the couple’s 25 years of marriage, like a video that shows photos and videos of the best moments lived up to that date.

Another option is to celebrate in privacy. In an elegant way when setting up a family table with few guests. Make a special decoration at home for that day.

Each couple can create their own vows and a special atmosphere for the celebration.

Souvenirs for the guests of a silver wedding

We thank our guests with a useful gift for the kitchen. Engrave the bride and groom’s name and wedding date on the salad spoons. It is a way for them to remember us on a daily basis in their kitchen or grill.

This is how we show the guests our gratitude for having come to share with us.

Silver wedding ideas

Think of some stylish and useful keepsakes that families can use on a daily basis—gifts and legacies for the garden or the house.

  • Annotators 
  • Ceramic pieces for plants
  • Calendar for Homeoffice

How to dress for my silver wedding?

Before choosing the dress for the silver wedding celebration, I must ask some questions:

  • Winter or summer
  • Celebration place
  • Formal or informal
  • Short or long
  • Trends that favor me the most

What is done at a silver wedding

The 5 points for a good silver wedding itinerary

  • Renew vows: Although the entire ceremony is not performed as in the wedding, it is good to reaffirm the vows.
  • Celebrate: be it lunch or dinner. It is important to remember what a very special event is, the food must be according to the event. That is, we cannot have a brunch or a snack, but rather lunch or dinner. 
  • Toast: This moment will be to remember anecdotes and offer speeches from the godparents or special people of the celebration.
  • The cake: although it is a special occasion, you can choose a more sober option, more according to the stage in the life of the couple. 
  • Give a souvenir: the souvenirs to the guests. These can be something useful or decorative.

Decorating a silver wedding at home

Another primary issue is decoration. Hire someone to set the scene for the party or do it yourself. A good decoration makes your party unforgettable.

The most common is to use neutral and flat colors, such as cream, gray, and silver. The balloons will be very easy to get in these colors.

Here are some tips for decorating a family silver wedding party. H Acer countless environments with:

  • Paper garlands
  • Flowers -natural and artificial-
  • Balloons
  • Rain of lights
  • The centerpieces. 

They can be of different styles according to the theme of the party: formal, classic or more rustic and country.

If you want to know more about the meanings of the different anniversaries, we recommend this video, where

  • 1st year is the paper wedding, for being very fragile and white
  • 2nd year is the cotton wedding
  • 5th year is the wooden wedding

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