Most modern top-end crossbows produced are produced with “correct,” as we call them, shoulders. It should be noted that the vast majority of this type of hunting weapon is produced in the USA, Taiwan, China, and Canada. Note that hunting is developed in these countries; each country has its own culture and clear rules for its conduct.

In China, many of the local fauna inhabitants are listed in the “Red Book,” the shooting of which entails huge trouble. According to the Celestial Empire laws, capital punishment is provided for the deliberate or accidental prey of a panda or a Manchu tiger. In Taiwan, things are similar. There are clear rules and regulations that any hunter must follow, regardless of the weapon used.

In North America, weapons can be bought by almost every citizen of legal age. Good or bad, it is difficult to judge, but again, the possession of a weapon is not only a civil right but also a great responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the owner. It is effortless to buy a crossbow or compound bow, and you can use this weapon only following the established regulations.

Of course, hunting with a crossbow or bow is very attractive in itself. As a rule, already seasoned hunters who have spent a lot of time pursuing their favorite hobby have achieved success and have gained a sufficient amount of knowledge and wisdom begin to get involved in it. After all, the use of a crossbow in hunting limits the shooter in many circumstances, such as the hunting method, the distance of prey, and the area’s landscape.

For example, a bullet fired from a firearm can still cope with small undergrowth and bushes on the way to the target. Its deviation from a given trajectory will not be as apparent as with a crossbow bolt; choosing a place to sit with a gun will not take much time. It will undoubtedly be required; you will need to think over the direction of the shot, calculate the estimated distance, and choose the place according to the dimensions and design features of the crossbow or bow.

These difficulties are the lot of sophisticated hunters, for whom there is no task of half filling the freezer with the game after each sortie. The main thing in hunting with a crossbow is unity with nature and equalizing the hunter and the beast’s chances.

In our country, things are tricky; there are no crossbow and archery manufactures in Russia, everything is brought from abroad. And hunting with a crossbow or a bow is generally prohibited. You will ask why? There is no definite answer, only causes, and consequences. On the Russian Federation territory, the use of crossbows with a maximum pulling force of 43 kilograms is allowed; 27 kilograms are allowed on bows.

It is with these parameters that crossbows and bows come. Within this framework, these products are recognized as structurally similar to weapons but are not considered weapons. When buying a crossbow or bow, the seller must issue a Certificate of Conformity and an Examination Conclusion. With a crossbow pulling force that exceeds the bar specified in the law, you automatically become a violator; the punishment for such a violation is up to 5 years in prison,

And so, as a law-abiding citizen, you have a 43 kg crossbow, which is NOT a weapon. And how to hunt with a crossbow if it is not a weapon? No way! You will not receive any license for hunting on public hunting grounds.

The only correct step would be to legalize these products and equate them with the means allowed to extract the beast. Then, obtaining permission to acquire possession and storage would be similar to the procedure for firearms.

Also, many are excited by the very topic of crossbows for hunting; our influential citizens, having allowed hunting with a bow or a crossbow, are afraid to breed a lot of poachers who, using the noiselessness of a shot, can get game without getting a permit and in excess. Also, an argument is made about the greater risk of kills one misses and getting wounded, although, in reality, the correct tip works much better and more humanely than any bullet. They complain about the lack of gamekeepers and game managers who could fight violators of hunting rules, etc.

Here we are at the exit, and we have that there is no hunting since there are no weapons, and there are no weapons because there are no conditions. Let’s not talk about the number of beasts knocked out during bureaucratic hunts and the “special rules” for their conduct; the earth is full of rumors.

We can say that it is possible to modify our system! You have to do it. What’s wrong with the fact that a person who already owns a gun will buy a crossbow for hunting? Almost every hunter is a member of the hunting society, pays annual fees, often helps hunters in ennobling hunting grounds, clearing forests, sowing bait fields, etc. He takes an active part in a single helpful everyday business. We need clear rules and a strict system of punishment for violating them.

If there is not enough supervisory personnel, then they are jobs. Most of the villages adjacent to the border of the hunting area dream of getting a job. The employment situation in the country is far from the rosiest.

This path was followed in all countries where hunting with a crossbow and hunting with a bow is regulated and is not something out of the ordinary. For two years now, Belarus has joined a number of these countries. It is not experiencing negative consequences for itself.., most powerful pistol crossbow, powerful mini crossbow, handheld crossbow, mini crossbow pistol, self cocking pistol crossbow, mini tactical crossbow, prophecy pistol crossbow, crossbow pistol hunting, self-loading crossbow, crossbow pistol hunting, crossbow handgun.


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